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Published: 2021-06-18 06:09:23
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Biomes characterize constant sets of conditions for life; it supports similar kinds of organisms wherever it exist. Yes, humans should be concerned with the extinction rate. We are responsible with increase of rate of this process.

Human population growth, pollution, economic expansion, climate change, logging, mining, overharvest, urban sprawl, and displacement of indigenous peoples are the causes of the decline of species. It is evident that the detailed and discouraging picture that humans could lose a quarter of the biodiversity of the world over the next century.
One of the most significant global environmental issues is the biodiversity conservation . The overcrowding interactions or effects involving the environment and the metapopulation, if considered in metapopulations, then extinction can be avoided by the best competitors and can be harmonized with the environment, as well.

Humans are not ignorant of the several reasons of the preservation of diversity. However, cultural prudence, self-interest, and arguments in justification of the essential rights of species meet on the same objective of saving everything. The current condition is in the famous observation of Einstein, the effect of the kind of thinking that created the issue that cannot be fixed.

David Brower noted that human successes in preservation are temporary while our failures are permanent . The preservation of diversity requires a special manner of thinking that counters the conventional wisdom that includes the environmental description. It implies that the cause of protecting diversity is broad, deep, and joins to other causes. Though the destination is covered, the initial points are clear. Science has driven by wonder and discipline by humility that there are mysteries recognized that human are powerless to name .


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