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Published: 2021-06-18 07:09:46
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Cloud security
Background information
The term cloud computing is talked about a lot nowadays since it holds a great future in information infrastructure and has gained so much attention of both academics and enterprises as well. With cloud computing implementation, network’s prominent area, including data, applications and systems is under the control of third party service providers. This means that security responsibilities will be shared between the cloud service provider and the customer. Therefore, it is very crucial that the customer very well understands security offered by the cloud service provider and the security that should be maintained by them. The research will provide the understanding of security responsibility distribution on the cloud service provider and the customer. Cloud security can be implemented in several levels which only cover cloud infrastructure, namely: network security, physical security, application security and system security. Security can also take place at higher level: on processes, duties and people.
Problem statement
The manner in which security controls are implemented in cloud computing is similar to those of traditional IT environments, however due to the nature of asset distribution, security risks differ depending on the type of assets used, who manages those assets and how, and control mechanisms used.
Research objectives
This project will have the following research objectives:
Research questions
The researcher should answer the following questions:
What are the scenarios that clouds data integrity should be considered?
How can the security of data in the cloud attained?
What are the benefits of cloud security
What are the risks associated with cloud computing?
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