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Published: 2021-06-18 07:03:21
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Counterterrorism and Intelligence Framework: A policy recommendation to the U. S. Department of Homeland Security
1. Introduction
President Geogre W. Bush on 20th September 2001, exactly after 9 days of the 9/11 attack and a major governmetal transformation took place and annouced the establisment for office of the homeland Securities within the white house for contradiction of terrirism in U.S.
The U.S intelligence is prepared with diverse several agencies and organisations within the executive branch and work both independently and collaboratively to gather the intelligence fundamental to conduct the national security activities. The intelligence community efforts to assemble and convey the essential security related information to the preisdent and policy making, policy making and law enforcement as they require to carry out there obligatory functins and duties. The focal point on anti-terrirism was by no way limited to the department of justice. It was confronted to department of homeland security (DHS).
2. Responsibilities and functions for agencies participating
Counterterrorism and intelligence functions are complex and generally unproductive. In order to make the country capable to plan the increasingly anti-Western responses. To achieve this, the United States government should create a more strong intelligence system and a tactically efficient counterterrorism operations. The agencies’ specific functions should be considered including the inter-agency cooperation and the tools agencies need to deploy with equivalent intelligence and counterterrorism policies.
2.1 Defense intellligence agency
The Defense Intelligence Agency is a Department of Defense warfare maintaining agency and society by means of more than 16,500 military and civilian recruits globally, Defence inteligence agency is a chief manufacturer and manager of overseas armed intelligence and supply military intelligence to warfighters, defense policymakers and energy planners, in the department of defence and the Intelligence Community are in support of U.S. military development and operations and weapon systems acquisition. The Defence and inteligence agency executive provides as primary adviser to the secretary of defense and to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on issues of military intelligence. The director also places the Military Intelligence Board, which organize activities of the defense intelligence community.
2.2 Department of homeland security
The Office of homeland security Intelligence and Analysis is accountable for using information and intelligence from multiple sources to identify and assess current and future threats to the U.S. DHS Intelligence focus on four strategic areas comprising,
1 encourage understanding of threats during intelligence analysis; 2 gather information and intelligence applicable to homeland safety; 3 allocate information required for action; and administer intelligence for the homeland security project.
2.3 Federal bureau of investigation
The FBI, as an intelligence and law enforcement agency is accountable for consideration of threats to our nationwide protection and insightful of national and international associations that have a wish and capability to spoil the U.S. The National Security Branch was established in reaction to a presidential order and Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission proposal to ascertain a National Security Service that mingle the missions, capabilities and possessions of the FBI's counterterrorism, counterintelligence and intelligence fundamentals under the management of a senior FBI official.
3. Recommendation of Tools for inteligence agencies
- Knowledge base, Global Terrorism Database (GTD)
- Terrorist network visualization, Both nodes and link
- Social networking analyses tools
4. Intelligence and counterterrirsm
The thrash about global terrorism places innovative and complex demands on the U.S. Intelligence society. Obtaining information about the masterpiece, location, capabilities, plans and objectives of terrorist groups is an massive challenge for intelligence agencies meeting this challenge involve different skills than were desirable to keep informed about the capabilities and purposes of communalist governments. At the similar time, requirements persist for coverage of geopolitical growth around the world and other transnational questions such as narcotics and smuggling. Spectators point to numerous major challenges that the Intelligence Community will likely encounter in supporting the counter terrorist effort. First is a transformed prominence on human agents. Signals intelligence and imagery satellites have their utilization in the counterterrorism mission but intelligence to contradicting terrorism depends more on human intelligence such as secret agents and informers. Any rehabilitated emphasis on human intelligence essentially will involve a willingness to recognize risks of complex and dangerous missions and likely ties to disgraceful individuals who may be in positions to provide precious information. Time and tolerance will be desirable to coach forecasters in difficult skills and
languages. Second, terrorist tricks create considerable analytical challenges.
In addition to acquiring analysts with esoteric language skills, intelligence agencies must increase knowledge in numerous third world areas that had been of marginal unease in past years. A great deal of the information available will be in open, unspecified bases that intelligence agencies have often mistreated. Third is the earlier relationship between intelligence and law enforcement agencies. In counterterrorism efforts, intelligence agencies employment alongside law enforcement agencies that have far different approaches to gathering evidence, developing leads and preserving retrievable records. Policies and laws are being customized to make easy for closer relationship between the two sets of agencies.
5. Policy Recommendations
1. The policy recommmendations for the U.S department of homeland securities are to engage with public and private sector associates in regulation to conclude what intelligence and information possessions may be available for reprioritization Obtaining additional information through opportunities such as law enforcement operations.
2. Collection and gathering the required unrefined data to fabricate the desired finished intelligence and information stuffs via law enforcement operations, doubtful activity reporting, surveillance, community engagement and other activities and sources as necessary. Feedback and Evaluation must be required with continual feedback during the intelligence rotation that assist in refinement of each individual stage and the series as an entire. Trace persons and networks connected with expected terrorist threats.
3. Expand and connect an observant nation including local citizens and families, communities and NGOs private sector, territorial partners Conducting biosurveillance of the suspects and crime scene investigation with forensic evidence examination, including biometric and DNA analysis. Digital media and network exploitation.
Increase community awareness of displaying of terrorism and terrorism-related misdeeds like wise “If You See Something, Say Something” used as public awareness program.
6 Conclusion
The recommendations provided for the regulations of law enforcement to the U.S department of homeland security focusing on intelligence and counterterrirism actions in U.S pointed out 3 major inteligence agencies that can perform their required responsilibities particularly focusing the peripheral security of the nation.
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