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Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:38
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The house that she bought is surrounded by freshly painted and perfectly arranged small houses. The houses reveal the real tranquility of the American dream come true. Everything smells fresh and peaceful, as if luring with its perfect setting to stay. Her house is similar to others, but it seems that the previous owner has left it in a hurry. The façade is not painted and the bench on the front porch is broken. The two rows of blossoming flowers with weed shyly emerging between flowers reveal the green thumb of the previous owner. The fresh scent of rambler roses spread around like butterflies that carelessly hover around the flowers as if the summer will last forever. The entrance of the house is big and has a large porch where she already imagines spending warm evenings with her new neighbors. It has a lot of space and with little effort, she can make it perfect. In her head, she sees a small rocking chair, nice bamboo chairs, and a table. Indoors, everything is arranged according to her taste and she has an eye for details. The living room is spacious and airy joined with the kitchen. Bedrooms and a large bathroom are upstairs and there is more space that she needs. One door in the kitchen leads to the backyard. One of the reasons why she settled for this house is the backyard. It is large and has a big oak tree that remains her of her childhood where she used to play with her sisters. The oak tree has strong braches which makes them perfect for a small house tree. Finally, her childhood dream to have a tree house will come true. The small boundless of flowers bloomed in the corners of the backyard. Shade that the oak gives provides enough space for the sun to spread its warm beams across the backyard. If the small repairs are excluded, this is a house that she can call “a home".

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