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Published: 2021-06-18 06:11:02
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When interviewing witnesses for information to be used for positive identification of suspects, I should ensure that the interview is as purposeful as possible while at the same time professional. This can well be achieved by restricting the questions of the interview to only yield relevant answers that can establish whether a crime was committed, its nature and how the criminals can be positively identified.

As a police officer interviewing the three witnesses to a robbery at the liquor store, I would first create a rapport with the witnesses to make them feel free and give the information asked for. At this point, it is important not to reveal any emotions at it may affect the quality of witness statements. This will ensure that the witnesses do not feel any pressure that may lead to concealing of facts for fear of intimidation or any harm.

After the assurance of the witnesses’ cooperation, I would proceed to ask the witnesses to describe the suspects and state any unique features that they might have noticed about any of the suspects. In addition, I would also ask the witnesses to describe the clothes worn by the suspects and how long the suspects took in the process. I would carefully record the responses of each of the three witnesses and do a comparison of their responses to establish consistency. In recording the responses, I would be tactful to ensure that the witnesses do not feel at ease by thinking that I record everything they say. The more consistent their answers are, the higher the chances of a positive identifications In addition, I would monitor the changes of tone, body language and facial expressions for hints of comfort, anger and the overall reaction of each suspect to questions asked. This would likely indicate if the witnesses are sincere, or feel threated thus leading to false or inaccurate information.

At the conclusion of the interview, I would proceed to the location where the suspects are being held and do a careful analysis of the witness statements to make a positive identification.


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