Good Example Of Research Proposal On Empowering Women Education In Rural Areas “Women Eupheus”

Published: 2021-06-18 07:09:58
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Women are an important part of the community. Women also called as mother, sister and life partner acts in the role of family making and binding human beings with their worldly life. It has been seen that several girl child don’t get the opportunity to go to school in underdeveloped and rural areas. This proposal has been developed to help Merlinn Foundation to collect money for organizing campaign to empower women education in rural areas.
Education for women has become one of the important aspects for the development of the community. Women have emerged to take active part in education, work and in the community (Alanen). Here Merlinn Foundation has been working to empower women education in the rural areas of North and South America to develop the position of women power in the community. This project proposal has been developed to help Merlinn Foundation to collect money for their charitable activity by organizing a musical festival that will help to promote education for women in underdeveloped part of the continent. The project will be organized to collect money for the charitable trust Merlinn Foundation by organizing a one day music festival in which more than five popular artists will be performing along with three renowned rock bands of Austin City in House Park stadium which has a capacity of 6000 to 6500 people.
Goals and objectives
The main goal of the project is to collect money for the charitable trust Merlinn Foundation that will help women in the rural areas to develop their position in education field. It will bring a good amount of investment from the outsider investors by which the foundation will have a huge amount of resources through which the foundation will set up a numbers of educational camps as well as school in the rural areas of South America. The total profit from this project will be served for the woman educational purpose and the expenditure that will bear by the foundation will be taken over by the investors. Over here the enhancement of the educational quality will be provided as well as they will be provided by required books and study material and the foundation will also provide the student with meal facility so that the poor and backward families sent their children for studying, by this way the student can get their education as well as food which will attract more girl child for their education which will also bring the develop in community.
The main beneficiaries of the project is the charitable trust that is Merlinn foundation which will be able to collect money for the charitable activities in the rural areas of South America where the girl children don’t get opportunities to study and even do not get a better position in the society. Along with the charitable trust, the government of Texas and Austin City also gets the benefits of promoting women education by actively taking part in this charitable project. The sponsors who will participate in this event will also get an opportunity to market their brand and have an enhancement in their value of goodwill.
Organization profile
Merlinn Foundation was established in year 2010 in Austin, Texas. The main headquarters is over there but the foundation is spread over the North and South America. Mainly the main aim of this foundation is to spread over the rural and the backward areas of the South America. The organization headed by James Merlinn tries their best, so that the women over there get the educational facilities and can bring them in front of the world in a developed way. Now a day many investors around the world also join the Merlinn Foundation. This foundation spread its branches in social fields too, like any one can get a free membership to help this foundation over the internet throw its website and can also give there feedback about the foundation.
Targets and activities
The main target of this project is to help the foundation with revenue to carry on their work for the welfare of the community in the rural areas of South America. The event mainly targets young generations and other educated and music loving people who will participate in the event and spend an enjoying evening by doing some charity for the welfare of the community. It also promotes people organizing this event to have a better position in the society by organizing this event for the communities and tribal people of rural areas. As this event will be organized to help the poor and rural people, and it is organized for a good cause, an active participation is anticipated from each and every stakeholders of the project.
The schedule of the project
A schedule projection of the activities to organize the project has been presented in the table below (HARRIS):
Cost and benefits
The cost and budget of the project has been presented in the table below along with the forecasted profit and loss statement for the projection of the charitable event.
Monitoring (Observation)
Monitoring and observation is one of the major tasks of the project manager. This project will be planned and organized by Justin Event Management Co. who will take all responsibility of the project operations that is needed to implement and complete the project on time and as per the schedule (Hoege). The Project manager of the company, Mr. Stephen Jones will be regulating the entire project and will be developing a brief plan for conducting the event and further proceeding with the project. The project manager will be responsible to see that the entire processing goes as per the schedule prepared to maintain the budget of the project. Continuous meeting and reporting system will be implemented that will help to monitor the project in a better way.
Reporting (Communication of observations)
Report of the performance that includes status, forecasting and progress report of the project will be sent and discussed in the meetings among each and every stakeholders of the project (Swift). The reports of the project will be sent to each stakeholder in hard copy. The content of the report will be elaborately discussed in the meetings.
Status report will be distributed among stakeholders:
Government of Austin City
Merlinn Foundation
Law department
Ticket managers
Progress report will be sent to:
Austin City government
Forecasting reports will be sent to:
Government of Austin City
Merlinn Foundation
It is important to see that each of the plans made to conduct the project are as per the need of the organization to collect money for the charity. As it is a non-profit oriented project in which the money earned by the campaign and event will be used for the welfare of the society and community. It will help Merlinn Foundation to have enough money to precede further with its development plans to enhance women education in the rural areas to bring up the position of women in the society.
Work Cited
Alanen, Ilkka. Mapping The Rural Problem In The Baltic Countryside. Aldershot, Hants, England: Ashgate, 2004. Print.
Hoege, Howard H. A Proposal. 2006. Print.
Swift, Jonathan. A Modest Proposal. Champaign, Ill.: Project Gutenberg. Print.
Appendix A: Project Schedule
Appendix B: Project Timeline
Appendix C: Cost Budget
Appendix D: Profit and loss summary for the event

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