Good Example Of The Prince By Machiavelli Book Review

Published: 2021-06-18 05:27:09
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"The Prince" is one of the most important works of philosophy, which Machiavelli created in 1513. It was published only in 1532 - after the death of the author. Since it was written by Italian writer it is necessary to pay attention to what political situation in Italy in those days. Italy at that time was divided to few small states. In these states, have preserved the outward forms of the republican system, but in fact the city-states were ruled by representatives of a noble families.
Italy has become a kind of arena of wars, which was constantly attacked by Germans, French and Swiss. Unlike their predecessors Machiavelli hasn't used the image of the ideal ruler that has never existed and never could exist. On the contrary, in his work he describes a number of realistic qualities possessed by the real rulers. Referring to the real historical events, he describes the Prince. In his work he has shown all vices of the prince, but only in order to present them as virtues. The ideal Prince for him that has had all this virtues was Cesare Borgia.
Machiavelli has introduced a new system of values, which is at odds with the views of most people. In this system, the highest good is political power that aimed at strengthening the state. On the example of the Lion and the Fox Machiavelli shows what virtues should have ruler. Ruler should master the art of imitation beasts, and must be like lion and fox, because the lion is not protected from traps, and the fox - from wolves. Therefore, the ideal prince should be a fox to avoid traps, and a lion to frighten wolves. Machiavelli has also complemented his concept of the ideal prince by virtues such as generosity and frugality, cruelty and mercy, love and hate.
Summarizing all the mentioned above it should be stated that “The Prince” written by Niccolo Machiavelli is an outstanding work that is relevant till today. In this work author has described virtues that the ideal ruler should have. However, the personality of Machiavelli and his work are very ambiguous for some people.
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