Good Good Communication Skills Are Vital To Career Success Argumentative Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-18 05:11:05
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At competitive job markets, most companies prefer to hire most qualified candidates available. Apart from professional knowledge and skills of potential employees, employers also take into account a range of their skills, such as leadership, teamwork and communication. Under these circumstances, it is worth finding out whether good communication skills are vital for career success.
The advocates of good communication skills vitality for a successful career use several arguments to substantiate their position. Firstly, both writing and oral communication skills are necessary to get a job as a selection process usually involves resumes scanning and interviews. Secondly, good communication skills contribute to teamwork, establishing business relations and conflict resolution. On the contrary, barriers in communication call forth misunderstandings and conflicts. Communication skills of employees contribute to the efficiency of work. Thirdly, communication skills are essential for reaching almost all the goals that need participation of other people as people perceive not the ideas that are contained in one's head, but the message that is communicated to them.
Despite importance of above-mentioned points, in some cases the lack of communication skills cannot be viewed as a barrier for career success. For instance, this thesis is true for those, working in technology development and other related areas, where a person can transmit his/her ideas and results of work by referring to objects, more than using messages.
Concluding I would like to suggest that communication skills are highly important for a successful career; however, in some cases the lack of these skills cannot be viewed as a barrier.

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