Good Social Media And The Arab Spring Article Review Example

Published: 2021-06-18 05:19:59
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Social media technology played a pivot role of support to protesters in Egypt, Iraq, and Tunisia. I had discussed and described the issues in a report titled ‘Arab Springs’ hoping it would support the cause of protesters. Arab Spring had an excellent use with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in the mission. User-friendly approaches made active users to come together for organizing protests in humongous volumes. Cutting across language barriers voice from different languages got translated through ‘transliteration’ technology to reach across the world. Anonymous peaceful supporters extended their support giving worthwhile ideas. Based on worldwide response through the power of media, I decided to enhance the strategies by using graffiti. Essays through multimedia, appeals through speeches impressing the sympathizing world and inspiring the activists to conserve their energy is the vision of Arab Spring.
Graffiti inspired from street art of Cairo, Syria and Tunisia supporting the protesters gave excellent results when the artists displayed positive attitudes of protesters, reformists, and activists. Arab Spring intends to reach out for enmass to protest against inhuman approaches like arrest of children on false charges of anti-government political vandalism and corruption which deplete the citizens the rights to get their share for welfare from the revenues. The start of the outcome has happened in Egypt with the exit of a corrupt authoritarian government which was depleting the human welfare funds. It is bound to happen in Syria and Tunisia making the use of media platform a success for Arab Spring whose vision is human well being in Middle East.

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