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It’s a vast argument between Egyptologists and other writers, whether Bible is an ancient scripture inspired by Egyptian Mythology. There are so many sources available to show us the resemblance between Genesis 1 and Ancient Egyptian creation myths, especially the process of the creation of world. As it is said in Genesis; God created the world in six days and kept the seventh day for rest. In the same way in Egyptian myth, God had created the world in six days and rested for the seventh day. The order, in which the creations had been made, too has a remarkable similarity, though it has its own differences as well. But the similarities are more prominent than the differences.
The differences are very subtle; but they are noticeable. They are important, though the order of creation has same steps. Some initial incidences are very similar to each other. Still the consecutive differences show us an invincible idea of creation. Some philosophers say that it may be just a linear borrowing. It is also the possibility that the idea behind it, was to modernise the orthodox Egyptian creation scripture. There is disparity between Yeshwa and Atum as well, Yeshwa is self-generated and Atum is self-generated.
There is a debate on Egyptian myths and Genesis 1 observers. Some researchers believe that comparing Egyptian mythology to The Genesis 1 is inappropriate, while some are of the firm opinion that both these scriptures are linked in mysterious ways. Hence several researchers have created a list of all these similarities and the loop holes, containing a 'may be' or 'may not be' circumstance. The Genesis 1, is considered as Old Testament. It is a Hebrew Bible, one of the oldest Holy Scriptures describing the origin of life. Egyptian Myths about the creation and the Genesis 1st day of creation again have the similarities as God has created parallel things on almost every provided day. It’s a very clear picture provided of what has happened according to Egyptian creation Myths.
There are analogous names, incidences and associations in both scriptures. There are striking similarities and dramatic differences in every aspect. Many researchers feel that there is a lot of impact of Mesopotamian scripture on Genesis 1 and these striking similarities are results of Mesopotamian connections with Egyptians. The word Bible itself is very homophonic with word Byblos, which has the same meaning as bible.
Civilisations residing nearby are impacted by each other deeply, therefore its effect on culture, faith as well as religious beliefs is inevitable. Hence many writers say that it is quite common to have some impact on writing and reciting style of the residents. It must not be the same story or incidence but the effect on the writing style can be observed. There are similarities between Horus and Jesus’s life cycles and between the recitations of creation. But Genesis 1 has totally denied the idea of Sky, Air and Earth as propounded by the Egyptian myths. In fact it takes an idea, completely different from the idea of Egyptians.
According to Egyptian myths, the word of God had created life. He discussed with the four elements and then created the world. Instead, Genesis 1 says that God himself created the world. (Genesis 1.1.).Hence the difference is that in Egyptian mythology, they believed that God created the world with the consent of the elements but Genesis 1 denies this and has a theory that God himself created life. Hence Genesis 1 believes in the complete supremacy of God while the Egyptian have faith that God is not the sole creator.
Yet striking similarities indicate the great impact of culture on each other. The dramatic parallel between water can be significant as it is a major content of all ancient Egyptian scriptures.
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