Kipling And Steel Article Review Sample

Published: 2021-06-18 05:20:21
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Kipling Questions:
- I find that in “The Man who would be King”, Kipling shows British Imperialism in an un-glamorized fashion. The two main characters are on a search for adventure and power, the typical thought process for Imperialists. However, the story does not depict these characters as terribly worthy of these honors. The two men act foolishly and have few talents. Together they discovered that two men can’t overthrow an entire nation. One states, "no one has gone there, and they fight, and in any place where they fight a man who knows how to drill men can always be King." This statement shows that have no idea what truly makes a leader.
- The two main characters used native Indians to create a group of soldiers, promising them wine and to make them into Englishmen. They have superior technology, such as better weapons. However, when they try to impose religion on the natives they are met with resistance.
- They do bring new technology to the village and expose the village to another culture. However, ultimately these benefits were not enough to fully convert the natives.
Steel Questions:
- Economic exploitation, Nanuk loses three sons. His attitude is that the rats have caused these problems.
- I think Nanuk is a sympathetic characters, after all, most people have been in some sort of situation that they felt that did not have the money, power, or courage to change. He was a victim of something much larger than his individual self could solve.
- He gives the rats a trial allowing them both to have a turn. He doesn’t arrest the rat blindly. This tells the reader that Nanuk feels that due process is an important part of social justice.

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