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Published: 2021-06-18 07:18:42
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As a child growing up in a family interested in business, I developed a passion to learning mathematical numbers and how they relate to the bottom line income, earnings, and profits. From the days of my High School, I envisioned bigger and better times and profits if and when I started my own business. Globalization and technological advances made me realize that I could play a pivotal role in converting small family businesses into a national or even international powerhouse.

Determined and focused to enter into a business of consulting company, helping overseas companies to expand market in China in short-term and for long-term goal, I wanted to start my own consulting and help Chinese local companies to expand their global markets, I figured that higher education is the key to success. Therefore, I sought and secured admission to The University of Nottingham Ningbo China studying International Business and Economics for a Bachelor of Arts degree. The list of academic courses I enrolled early on included Business Finance, Economics of Business Decisions, Business, and People in Contemporary Europe, Entrepreneurship and Business, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. The topics of curriculum selection is a testament to my desire and determination to be a successful in molding my higher education into a career in business.

During the course of my Bachelor program in International Business and Economics, I actively sought and successfully obtained work-study internships to develop and practice work skills in business and economic science aspects. From 25/07/2014 To 25/08/2014, 1 worked at CITIC SECURITIES(ZHEJIANG)Co., Ltd in the position of Assistant in Investment advisory department As part of my responsibilities, I conducted a research project about the stock markets of China, Japan and South Korea. The project was led by my supervisor. The purpose of the project is to investigate the dynamic evolution of the conditional correlation between the stock markets of China, Japan and South Korea by using the DCC-MGARCH model, and to examine the key determinants of regional stock market integration by using a linear equation framework. I was primarily involved with conducting literature reviews, collecting monthly and yearly data from databases of each stock market from 2001 to 2012, and finally writing a research report. My other responsibilities at Citic Securities included assisting in opening accounts, providing recommendations for customers and clearing or cleaning up sensitive data papers. Even though the project was a short duration opportunity, I learned how the economic real conditions and perceived economic expectations affect the markets significantly, especially in short periods.

For my second internship, I worked as a Research Assistant in the University of Nottingham Ningbo China from 08/06/2013 to 04/09/2013. Fortunately, my work assignment focus was economics and business, the very subjects that I am motivated to learn and master. I conducted research into the economic development of the developing countries in the past 40 years, particularly viewed through the lenses of modern economic theories. I found that the introduction of contemporary economic policies, best exemplified by the free-market economics, encountered significant hurdles in most of the developing countries. The rejection of free-market economics by some countries such as India, all of Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America led to the deterioration and stagnation of their economies. On the other hand, countries in the Far East Asia such as Malaysia that adopted the free-market economic policies have experienced steady growth in their economies and became the biggest beneficiaries.

In my recent internship, I worked for Worldup International Ltd from 20/06/2014 to 20/07/2014 as an Assistant in the Sales Department. My responsibilities encompass replies to international emails, providing consultation and information to international customers and logging and recording customer issues or concerns.

The student internship programs taught me the importance and significance of economies around the world in shaping the success of multinational businesses. My internship assignments and the experiences are highly relevant to the comparative business economics taught at UCL. I strongly believe that these could support my studies of the UCL courses.

I also participated in the Exchange Program of our university by continuing my studies at The University of Nottingham UK Campus from Jan 2014 to Jun 2014. It is an extraordinary opportunity and experience to study abroad for me. During the course of my studies in UK, I learned about the University College London and the Comparative Business Economics MA program. I understand that the UCL program is mainly focused as a company-level study and as such fits very well into my career objectives of developing a consultancy business into national and international horizons. I strongly believe that the UCL Masters degree program Comparative Business Economics affords me an excellent opportunity to grasp the role of entrepreneurship, multinationals, finance, corporate governance, and privatization in building a successful business, the very essence of purpose in my education and career. I strongly believe that the entire curriculum of Comparative Business Economics support my study objectives and career goals. Specifically, I am very particular and attracted to the curricula on Political Economy of International Business, Dissertation Preparation Program, and Quantitative Methods.

In conclusion, I have a deep-rooted motivation to seeking advanced knowledge and education in Business Economics. I strongly believe that the program at UCL is best suited for meeting the objectives I set for my career. To fulfill my life dreams and career objectives of establishing a consulting business, I am determined to work hard at UCL to be recognized as one of the best international students in recent years. Given my background and career objectives, I trust and request serious consideration to my candidacy for admission into Comparative Business Economics MA program at UCL.

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