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Published: 2021-06-18 05:20:32
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Michael J. Moore (2014) in his article “Morgan Stanley to Award More Bonuses Up Front,” reports of the intention of the Morgan Stanly giving more bonuses upfront a clear indication of the growing profitability of the company. The author begins with a summary of the price chart showing the evident increase for the recent past. Such is a good way of summarizing and catching the attention of the readers. It is worth noting that the chart is very effective since one can know the prices by placing the pointer of a computer at any part of the graph line. The author’s choice of reporting tools is highly commendable. In fact, it makes it very easy for anyone to analyze the data provided. In addition, the author organizes the work in subheadings with each tackling a specific issue. The approach makes the work easier to understand and even scan through for facts. Moreover, the Author uses clickable that link to further details of the company. In almost every paragraph, there is a clickable link to details on the issues under discussion.
However, the details are very scanty for someone who has no details of the company previously. One has to struggle to understand the historical background of the decision made by finding more information. The author over relies on quotation that are not paraphrased. Although such is the best way of reporting, it is imperative that the author has to give details of the work been reported but not just a group of quotations. Many clickable links might distract the reader by straying away from the main focus. Few clickable links are good, but not as many as the author has used.
Work cited
Michael J. Moore . Morgan Stanley to Award More Bonuses Up Front. Accessed from on December 8, 2014.

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