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Published: 2021-06-18 05:49:08
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The culture and experience literally defines our attitude and values. Judging from cultural background (individualistic or collectivistic), it is possible to predict a particular person’s behavior and relationships with others (independent or interdependent). Personal experience and culture also have impact on values this person appreciates in people and tries to develop in her/himself. People tend to value those things that are highly estimated in the society they were brought up. Cultural influence on the psychology led to the establishment of cultural psychology devoted to study psychological tendencies rooted in culture.
I think that Mr. Ramirez possibly was exposed to microaggressions and stereotypes while trying to find job. Oppression, racism and discrimination fuels feeling of inferiority that contributes to personal problems. Such things as society rejection, even if it is slightly noticeable, oppress personality. On the psychological level such small things tend to accumulate that leads to disorders and complexes. In my opinion, Mr. Ramirez became a victim of his personal fears of being Latin man in America and low self-esteem (“But You Speak So Well”).
I would definitely seek cases with similar problems that could help me to understand Mr. Ramirez. Moreover, I would address to papers of Carkuff and Kagan to build interpersonal relations. It is important to include both training and supervision in the model of cooperation. Client as well as therapist should take part in the healing process. Such thing as motivation and empathy is also very important for the client (MacDonald).
Personally I feel pity to people who can be very successful and intelligent, but fall for their own fears and underestimations. I am not racist or judgmental towards Mr. Ramirez’ racial or ethnic background because I consider him to be competent member of society. Moreover, he has impeccable reputation and is a good father to his daughters. My negative emotions sooner concern his cheating his wife rather his race or culture. He boasts about having affairs thus tries to prove his importance and competence all the time feeling underestimated by society.
The first beliefs and attitudes concern counselor awareness of own assumptions, values, and biases. First of all, they will become aware of their own cultural background and its influence on their behavior in order not to harm the establishing connection with a client. The second beliefs and attitudes refer to understanding the worldview of the culturally different client. Counselor should be in control of his or her own stereotypes and negative emotional reactions toward other racial or ethnic groups. The third beliefs and attitudes are based on developing appropriate intervention strategies and techniques. This means that counselor understands and accepts client’s religious or cultural differences and views and values bilingualism (Sue, Arredondo and McDavis).
I would try to point out at his positive characteristics and make him believe in himself. The main issue is efforts to prevent direct or indirect racial or cultural offence being repeated. The client should believe that I understand and accept him as an individual regardless of his ethics and race. I should make him engage into conversation and open himself for assistance he needs. He must feel comfortable psychologically as if he spoke to a friend. Our alliance must be considered as partnership with common goals for both of us. (Rieker, Kramer and Brown).
In Mr. Ramirez’ case, the first and most important concern is an absence of desire to get help. He does not understand why he was referred to a specialist. Another concern is his opposition to and rejection of the fact that he has a problem. The third concern is that prompt and effective measures should be takes because the client is emotionally unstable. This means that he is capable of committing suicide any time (“Multicultural Concerns”).
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