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Published: 2021-06-18 05:47:48
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The purpose of creating a database that can maintain records of patients in any given area is so that one can find out which vaccines have been administered to the people and which vaccines still need to be given. One needs to remember that this is a particular schedule which needs to be adhered to in relation to administration of vaccines for children, as well as adults. (Missouri Community Guide State Team Final Report, 2011)
This would be an excellent initiative which would help regularize the administration of vaccines and also help curtail the spread of controllable diseases. However some problems that were faced in accumulating the data are:
- Persons refrain from uploading personal data on the internet for fear of infringement of privacy.
- Hospitals cannot give out patient information without consent from the patient which is not given.
- People do not always give out accurate information about their past medical conditions.
- A lot of funds and budgets are required to implement this database collection on a large or even city-wide scale. (Saarlas, K. N., Edwards, K. C.,Wild, E., & Richmond, P., 2003)
Litow, F., & Krahl, P. (2007). Public health potential of a disability tracking system: Analysis of U.S. navy and marine corps physical evaluation boards 2005-2006. Military Medicine, 172(12), 1270-1274.
2011 Missouri Community Guide State Team Final Report.” “The Community Guide Interventions to Increase Appropriate Vaccination: Universally Recommended Vaccinations.” Available at http://www.thecommunityguide.org/vaccines/universally/index.html. Accessed 3‐18‐2013.
Saarlas, K. N., Edwards, K. C.,Wild, E., & Richmond, P. (2003).DevelopingPerformance Measures for Immunization Registries. Journal of Public Health Management and
Practice, 9(1), 47-57.

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