Sample Case Study On Health Education: Web-Based Courses

Published: 2021-06-18 05:47:48
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One way to find out if web-based courses are meeting goals set by a department is to review the goals and see if the outline or syllabus for the course covers each goal and the desired outcome. Reviewing the syllabus is beneficial because it can act as a checklist for goal comparisons. If the syllabus is not meeting the goals set for the course, the department would need to revise the syllabus in order to meet the defined goals.
Some of the questions that I would need to ask would be: what does a standard non-web class look like for the same course? What is the pass/fail rate for the class? Who wrote the goals and how often are they revised/ or updated? These questions are relevant and will give a good insight into the course materials and the expectations of the course.
Some of the methods to collect this data would include comparing like facilities (e.g. other online web-based programs) and evaluating their goals and expectations for the courses. Another method would be to poll students about their opinions on the goals and see if they are realistic and if they are meeting the students’ needs. This task can be completed by having students complete surveys or provide free form feedback regarding the course.
All of this data can assist health education/promotion coordinators in the future by giving them an overview of the web courses in general. This information can also be useful as it allows the school to stay competitive and ensure that they are providing the most relevant data available in the field Having relevant and accurate data is essential in this type of field, and by viewing other schools’ curriculum, the program can ensure that they are delivering best practice techniques while also providing what is needed for their students. The feedback from the students can assist the program coordinators with the development of future web based courses.

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