Sample Case Study On Telemedicine

Published: 2021-06-18 05:49:30
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1. Argue why it is useful or is no longer useful to have the "tele" in telemedicine? (~150 words).
Access to health care has been greatly improved with telemedicine, especially in rural areas and underdeveloped countries (Cisco, 2011; Voice of America, 2010). Although the cost of setting up the equipment is large, the patients receive medical care from a distance with a fraction of travel costs (Voice of America, 2010). Technology helps physicians to virtually be present assisting local practitioners and treating patients. This phenomenon has increased the quality of life of patients especially in areas located kilometers away from big cities or that have suffer big damages from natural disasters, such as earthquakes (Cisco, 2011). Furthermore, some surgeries have been successfully performed under the real-time long-distance guidance and supervision of subspecialists (Muniba, 2008). Therefore, medical doctors play a crucial role at a distance at diagnosing and treating patients, assisting primary care providers, other specialists, and training students, interns and residents. All of these features make telemedicine highly valuable, especially in underdeveloped countries.
2. Is telemedicine going to grow more or has it hit its peak? (~150 words)
I personally believe that telemedicine will continue to grow. This is still a new phenomenon in many areas around the world where technology has not been fully implemented. Plus, as technology further develops, costs will continue to drop. Its implementation at the fullest has also been difficult in industrialized countries such as in the U.S., due to state-level regulations and lack of support from local medical boards (Comstock, 2014). The benefits of medical assistance at a distance are still an issue in the U.S. While patients get prescriptions in India over the Internet (Voice of America, 2010), the same situation could lead to high fines in the U.S., like getting $10,000 in fines from the local medical board for prescribing antibiotics over the telephone (Comstock, 2014). Solving the political and economic obstacles will result in better health care services. Health statistics could greatly improve at a low cost due to telemedicine.
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