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Published: 2021-06-18 06:09:39
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Never before in my entire life have I ever attended a dance competition, but on this one occasion, I made a commitment to attend one. There was the annual dance competition in New York, and I was exceptionally enthusiastic about this event as I did not know what to expect (Stevens, 156). The dance competition takes place every January and brings many dancers from all over the country. This was a breathtaking event that mesmerized me. My only contribution to this event was just to observe the different thinks that were taking place at the dancing event. This event attracted a lot of people to the extent that the whole concert area was packed to capacity. In this event, there were different dancers who took part from different places with live performances of Americas popular Hip hop star Jay Z performing at the concert.

The individual dancers at the event were extremely amazing. They made everyone in attendance to almost try their moves. I was also tempted to try the dance movements, but I had a commitment just to observe and do nothing else. The dancers had a lot of energy with breathtaking styles taking the center stage. Some were so flexible in their moves to the extent that one could think they were boneless. It looked like it was an aerobic event, though the concert was basically a dancing competition. As the competition continued, the spectators also got involved as some tried to imitate the individual styles. Remarkably, there were breaks in between the sessions.

Everyone showcased what they had in terms of dance movements. The music at the event was so loud that one could not hear what the other person was to say or commenting about. Communications become difficult to the extent that people started using non-verbal communication styles to pass on messages. One person stood out in this competition. A few meters from where I was doing my observation, there was this African-American who had a dancing style that was so impressive.

She had the energy and the strength and moved her body in almost all directions. Sometimes she did acrobatics to compliment her dancing. It was amazing. She did not care much about the people around as she just danced herself through. She could not communicate otherwise, but used her dancing styles to make some symbolic interactions (Marion, 180). This was the most incredible person I had come across throughout the 30 minutes I was at the place.


This turned out to one of the single most interesting events I had attended after a long time. The in between sessions when the audience was allowed to showcase their prowess in dancing was interesting of all. I learnt about different movements that were indeed perfected with time. It was critical to note that most of the dancers had undergone a lot of practice to perfect their dancing. From this event, I learnt a number of things and the idea that crossed my mind was using dancing, concerts like the one I was attending to promote integration (Stevens and Erin, 230). I, however, did not feel as though I was lost, I was well placed in the event that nothing seemed strange to me. One thing I may never forget about this event was how much dancing could bring people together. There were people from all walks of life coming to attend this session. I found this to be a great initiative for the societal development.

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