Sample Course Work On Introduction of Fingerprint Time Recorders

Published: 2021-06-18 06:11:01
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Executive Summary

Several students make their way to lecture rooms every day to attend their lectures. These students are required to attend a given number of lectures for them to be considered for graduation. The students sign paper attendance sheets to confirm their attendance. The university staff has to compile the manual records for every student. This process is tedious and inefficient, and students can sign for one another hence not providing an accurate record on attendance. Introduction of the Fingerprint Time and Attendance recorder is an innovative way to keep accurate records on lecture attendance (Muhtahir, p.20).

I propose to carry research on the need and feasibility of introducing Fingerprint Time and Attendance Recorder at OSU. To answer the research questions, I will create questionnaires and present my findings and recommendations to the faculty.


The Fingerprint Time and Attendance recorder is able to record an infinite number of users using a single system in the entire university. Staff with authorized access to the system can then access the data registered at any given time. The recorder performs fingerprint certification for various uses such as student identification (Technoshino, n.p.).

As per the instructions given on this unit of study, my research will seek to answer the following questions:

- Is there a need to introduce electronic lecture attendance recorders at Oregon State University?
- Would university staff and students approve of a university policy that requires students to sign electronically their attendance to lectures?
- Would the existence infrastructure in the University allow for the installation and use of these devices?

The following tasks of this memo include the proposed tasks, the schedule, our experience, and the works cited.

Proposed Tasks

I’m are already carrying out surveys to establish the routines in place and what both the students and university staff think about them.
I shall contact companies that produce the devices, and collect testimonials from those already using the gadgets. This will provide me with information that will be required in determining the feasibility of the proposed project.
This will enable me determine the number of gadgets to be installed, and the location of installation in the lecture hall.
I shall prepare a report on the findings and recommendations.

As a student that has successfully completed the units of study in our degree program, I’m adequately qualified to perform this research and to present my findings and recommendations.

Works Cited

“Fingerprint Time & Attendance Recorder.” Techshino. Techshino, n.d. Web. 24 April 2014.
Muhtahir, Oloyede. “Fingerprint Biometric Authentification for Enhancing Staff Attendance System.” International Journal of Applied Information Systems (IJAIS) 5.3 (2013). Web. 24 April 2014.

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