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Published: 2021-06-18 06:10:38
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It has been 56 years since the festival has celebrated annually and people are always expecting for the Maine Lobster Festival or MLF that promises happy moments and delicious food. The celebration has many things to offer for the visitors. Every July, in Midcoast Region the center of lobster industry, the MLF held its big celebration. The Camden and Rockland are the two main communities that participate in the event. In addition, the two main industries in the Midcoast region are Tourism and Lobster industry. In fact, the Maine Lobster Festival highly symbolizes the involvement of the participating industries and the people with common goals, quality and successful market. The festival is celebrating with its theme, “Lighthouse, Laughter, and Lobster.”

The Maine Lobster Festival is known as the Best Food-Themed Festival worldwide. The festival has different programs and entertainments such as concerts, goddess beauty pageant, parades, race, cooking competition, festival rides, food booths, and eating tents and many food recipes. The Lobster Promotion Council shares free brochures with recipes, tips, and facts about the festival. During the Amateur cooking competition, the winning recipe is the Saffron Lobster Ramekins and available online at “” for the public downloading.

Practically, every person knows the purpose of a lobster and how a person cares about it or how a person shows his or her interest. About the lobster’s taxonomy, a lobster is crustacean marine life from the homaridae family. Specifically, the Maine Lobster is relevant of its kind with its scientific name, homaru americanus. In addition, lobsters are dead eaters or garbage eaters of the sea.

The purpose of the essay is to inform the readers about the Maine Lobster Festival and the importance of lobsters in terms of food or recipe and scientific facts. The author of the essay, Wallace, described the event of the Maine Lobster Festival very specific that readers can imagine the every detail of the festival. Personally, I can see and fell the excitement of the event as I read the essay carefully. Wallace used the literary elements; however, the flow of the statements is not coherently written. I noticed that some of the languages used are not specific, for example, “The enormous, pungent, and extremely well marketed Maine Lobster Festival is held every late July in the state’s midcoast region, meaning the western side of Penobscot Bay, the nerve stem of Maine’s lobster industry” . All I can say is that, I will use the literary elements correctly that my readers will not find my essay confusing.


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