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Published: 2021-06-18 05:20:22
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The incident involved Inez Sainz, a female reporter, who supposedly was on an official assignment to cover updates on New York Jets sports personalities while the players were in their locker room . Reports disclosed that the owner, Woody Johnson, immediately apologized to Sainz. In response, Sainz was also noted to have accepted the apology. In retrospect, one affirms that the Jets, through the owner’s immediate action and response, conducted the matter in a professional manner. Other reports indicated that “while the "conduct of the Jets clearly should have been better" team owner Woody Johnson and his staff acted promptly to correct the situation” .
When compared to the incident involving Lisa Olsen as she tried to interview Maurice Hurst, a New England Patriot cornerback, she was allegedly sexually abused through verbal taunting and inappropriate gestures . Likewise, none from the management allegedly applied appropriate sanctions or implemented the needed course of action to correct the misdemeanor. As emphasized, “no one tried to bring the humiliating activity around Lisa Olson to a stop. Neither players nor management personnel said or did anything” . Therefore, the resulting legal action imposed was for the errant players to pay fines, including fines charged to the New England Patriots .
In sum, the difference between the two situations involving alleged sexual harassment was the immediate action implemented by management of the team. The Jets owner immediately asked for an apology; while management of the Patriots did nothing to correct the unprofessional behavior. As a result, significant fines were imposed on the Patriots, while a training program for proper conduct is to be conducted for all 32 teams in the NFL, as proposed .
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