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Published: 2021-06-18 05:27:05
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Both Elias Boudinot and Jeremiah Evarts define "civilization" as a reclaimed state from being savages. According to the chapter readings assigned it is clear that in Elias Boudinot’s first editorials civilization is viewed as a form of advancement and development of the community in question. He claims that there is sufficient evidence that the Indians can be civilized, which mainly involved improvement of their state of mind. This is evident since Elias writes that some of the Cherokees were civilized since they abolished some community laws that were viewed as retrogressive and barbaric. Furthermore, civilization in the reading is viewed as the introduction of new cultures and customs. This is a form of civilization as it further enhanced how the community interacted with others from outside the community.
Civilization in the readings is also evident in the introduction of western forms of clothing and religion among the Indian people as a way of civilizing them. According to Elias Boudinot some forms of civilization were frowned upon in Indian culture. Elias writes that there was a time it was seen as a disgrace for an Indian to show up wearing the costume of the white man. In the chapter, civilization has been examined as a nurturing experience. According to the chapter, the civilization of the Cherokees by the first Chief Magistrate was carried out by creating friendly relations with the Indians through treaties as well as the introduction of mechanic arts within their communities. The goal behind this was to nurture and father the Indians into civilization. However, this was without its fair share of difficulties. Top on the list of the causes of difficulty when it came to the civilization of the Indians was self-interest.

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