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Published: 2021-06-18 05:20:22
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Article Summary
The article of Baller & Richardson explains that the theory of Durkheim regarding suicide can be attributed to geographic space, social integration, and imitation (Baller & Richardson 873). The risk of suicide is high that can be based on the neighboring areas since it is man’s reflection of how he perceived the behaviour of other people that has a tendency influence his own actions. The replication of another person’s action is the powerful force that will drive another to act in a certain way. The article has shown that the hypotheses of Durkheim and Tarde are correct to a certain degree. The argument of Tarde based on the adherence to imitation that has the capability to spread beliefs and behaviours have a tendency to influence one to commit suicide. On the other hand, Durkheim claims that the geographic clustering of suicide rates can only be completely accounted for on the basis of the clustering of essential structural predictors of suicide. However, the findings of the authors revealed that the statement of Durkeim that imitation is not a vital factor in determining the geographic patterning of suicide should be abandoned. This was concluded after comparison of the different spatial effects based on American West and non-West. Such theory can only be supported by the assumption that imitation is more compelling where the identification with other people is elevated. Thus, the logic of the spatial analysis offered by Durkheim cannot be upheld since the authors discovered that the clustering of social integration is impossible to completely account for the clustering of suicide in a particular region. Finally, it has concluded that social integration is capable of giving aid and protection to suicide (Baller & Richardson 886).
Works Cited:
Baller, Robert D., and Kelly K. Richardson. ‘‘Social Integration, Imitation, and the
Geographic Patterning of Suicide.’’ American Sociological Review 67 (2002):
873–88. Print.

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