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Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:49
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In order to seek admission, I would like to introduce myself and tell about my desire to study English Language in your esteemed institution. As an English Language learner I have decided to apply in your college, simply because of its high standards of education, experience of learning in a global community and personal attention given to the students.
I am Hana from Saudi Arabia and my native language is Arabic. So far I have studied 45 credits in my Bachelor’s course at King Saud University and wish to complete my Bachelor’s degree from your renowned college. I believe Suffolk University will give me the required exposure, experience and extraordinary learning opportunities, which will eventually give me success in my undergraduate course.

I am a very diligent student and an inspired learner. This helped me stand-out as an achiever amongst my peers and I was granted a full scholarship from my country to study anywhere. I chose to study in the US as I desire to learn English Language where it is a native language. The culture, place and people, all contribute immensely in acquiring knowledge of a new language. I have a good grasping power and an extremely focused mind which enables me to achieve my academic goals.

The main reason why I want to study and improve my proficiency of English Language in your college is because I will get an international experience. In this era of technology advancement and globalization it is vital to have a strong command over English Language. I would like to study in-depth about the history of English language, its literature and linguistics. I love reading novels and poetry, and have also translated some Arabic poems into English. A strong hold over English Language will boost my confidence, open new avenues of growth for me, enhance my communication skills with people around and help me achieve my professional goals in life.

Suffolk University definitely meets all my requirements and offers a great international and cross-cultural experience. I would be fortunate to be a part of your college for an extraordinary global learning experience. Diversity enriches learning and expedites growth. This holds true of Suffolk University as there are a diversity of people who study and work collaboratively in an international setting. Located in downtown Boston, your college is the best option for me to study at, as it will give me the needed cultural and city life experience. This will not only enhance and expedite my learning, but also allow me to explore the beauty of the city.

I am sure that this international experience will be a turning point in my journey of learning and add to my achievements. It will also open new opportunities for me to explore and grow in life. Suffolk University is the place I desire to be in for my academic advancement and progress. It would be a big leap for me culturally, to study outside of Saudi Arabia and I am excited about it.

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