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Published: 2021-06-18 05:12:03
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“The Great Gatsby” is a 1925 novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Though the novel focuses on Jay Gatsby predominantly, Nick Carraway the novels’ narrator has a considerable role to play. As the novel advances, Nick gradually transforms to become the most interesting character and a major player. He changes overwhelmingly during the course of the novel a fact that makes the novel even much more interesting (Lee 40).
Nick Carraway being the narrator of the novel plays a very imperative role owing the fact that the events are narrated from his perspective. Considering that the narration incorporated in this novel for the most part is shaped by the views and temperament of the narrator. This paper will scrutinize the character of Nick Carraway and subsequently merge his character and values in a bid to establish how the same matter to our understanding of the action in the novel.
Apparently, as the story in the novel advances, we gradually get to know the values and character of Nick. At the onset of this novel in chapter one, we get to know that Nick is an open minded person, tolerant, quite, and a good listener (Lee 41). Though he is the one who claims to have the aforementioned characteristics, his development in the novel ascertains that he is indeed a tolerant, open minded and a good listener. As the story advances, the relationship between Nick and Gatsby develops. This relationship in effect establishes the fact that Nick is indeed a trustworthy person. Despite the fact that the two differ in many apparent ways as established in the novel. They were able to form good relationships that developed to a level where Gatsby could consider Nick as his confidant (Pelzer 84).
Being well educated and a person that has since learned a lot from his past experiences, Nick is portrayed to be a person with personal integrity (Tredell 59). The very fact that he has a profound and well-established sense of right and wrong elevate and place him above other characters in the story. Apparently, Nick is apparently the only person who is moved and concerned with the death of Gatsby. While Gatsby’s close allies go on with their normal chores and activities subsequent to Gatsby’s death. Nick is the only person who takes the initiative of paying his last respect to Gatsby. Though other people wind after the death of Gatsby, Nick alienates himself and decides to be different owing his personal integrity. Additionally, through the course of the novel, Nick grows to be a man of high integrity dreaming of a fortune.
Another value of Nick that is well established in is aptitude to remain inclined to reserve judgment. Apparently, though Nick has differing perceptions and thinks differently, he is seen to remain quiet and composed even in instances where he perceives his partner’s perception to be right (Pelzer 85). He always finds a way to justify every action to avoid being judgemental. Additionally, Nick is an observant person, and plain.
Apparently, the aforementioned character and values of Nick from the novel establishes that Nick is arguably a character that is best suited to make the narrations in this novel. Firstly, Nick being the narrator facilitates the understanding of the novel in the sense that; Nick is close two main characters, Daisy and Gatsby. Being in this position enable him to narrate the novel from a perspective where we can easily record his personal memoir. In regards to the experience, he had with Gatsby the main character, particularly during the summer of 1922 (Tredell 60).
The character and values in Nick are also perceived imperative to the understanding of the novel owing the fact this defines his temperament. In chapter one of the novel, he defines himself as tolerant, god listener, open minded, and quiet. Based on this, Nick can easily manipulate other characters in the story to an extent where they can easily tell them their secrets. Gatsby in particular as established in the story perceives Nick as his confidante and a person whom he can share his secrets. Owing this character, Nick in the novel act the secondary role of commenting and describing events as it unfolds rather than dominate the events in the story. Being observant and close to the main character of the story make nick the most suitable narrator of this story.
Additionally, Nick helps the reader understand the novel insightfully owing his tolerant character and the aptitude to reserve judgment. The reader is predisposed to understanding the novel in a more profound way owing the fact that the narrator in the novel does not judge other characters. Being the narrator, alienate himself from critiques for the reader to draw and make his or her perceptions regarding the story without influencing the reader’s perceptions regarding the story.
Being an open minded person and a good listener, Nick is the most suitable character in the Novel that can help the reader understands the Novel insightfully (Bloom 25). With the above said, it is apparent that the events narrated in the story are narrated from critical and insightful perspective considering that the narrator is open minded and a good listener as well. Merging good listening skills, good communications skills, personal integrity and the aptitude to reserve judgments make Nick a significant character in the novel that enables the reader understand the events in the novel more insightfully.
Summarily, as the events unfolds in the novel, the reader is predisposed to understanding these events in a discerning way. Owing the fact that the narrator in this story has some peculiar characters and values that in essence define a good story teller. Apparently, it is imperative to note that Nick can enlighten the reader owing his character and values. Nick is an open minded person, tolerant, observant, and a good listener. With these values, it is apparent that the story is told with all the necessary detail. Finally, it is imperative to denote that Nick is placed close to the main character a fact that foster the acquisition of negligible details in the story.
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