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Published: 2021-06-18 07:01:43
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Flight Pattern is a story of confusion of Priorities
Thesis Statement; Flight Pattern is a story of confusion of Priorities; Nationality against racism, Ignorance against appreciation, Family pride against ambitions. This illustrates the author’s belief that assimilation into foreign societies is often traumatic.
Flight Pattern is a fictional product of Sherman Allexie. In this novel, the authors elucidate his prophecy on racism with the use of the acts of characters. The agenda is to pose the impression of the general tendency of Americans to judge an entity from race perception rather than individual character. Hence, the central character of the story 'William' is placed as an Indian Spokane settled in Seattle, Washington. He is posed to have a wide circle of American social life with an understanding of local trivia. His family life with his wife and daughter and an established business is comprehensive within itself, yet he often feels the cultural prejudice an obstruction of his efforts to feel a true American. He often feels prejudiced on grounds of his origin, still he struggles hard to be a part of American society and eliminate any segregation on the grounds of Nationality against racism. In his efforts to do so, he endeavored to embrace success in his professional life. However, ignorance became a part of his attitude towards his family in the course of his struggle. In his pursuit of economic well being, William lost every sense of differentiation and segregation of priorities.
The central character by the name of William is depicted as an individual who works hard to meet his ambition of being a part of American society. He clearly realizes the fact of the cultural tendency against prejudice on grounds of origin. In an effort to come up with the criteria he struggles hard to acquire status and appreciation in society by marking an excel in his professional life. Incautiously, he makes abundant of poor choices in the course with an intention to secure the social, economical and financial well being. He often neglects his family, even though he never wants to. He spends long periods of business travel, leaving his family behind. Thus, despite of all the love, care and devotion to his family, William unconsciously stretched far away from his family lost in between the priorities of Family pride against ambitions and accused with ignorance against appreciation. William's obsession of earning pride for his family, paced his way towards never ending effort to gain social appreciation against all odds. The intensity of his focus on the ambition with the ignorance of all other facts is well elaborated in the scene “'Stay home, stay home,' she chanted and wrapped herself tighter around him He pulled away from her, dropping her back onto the bed, and stepped away” (Alexie 39). Thus, the reaction of his family is obvious, frustrated with the need of recognition by William buried in distress, agony and absolutely confused with the choices imposed on them.
Provided by the fact that the novel by Sherman Allexie, is based on the reading of the social climate of America after 9 / 11 incident. However, towards the end of the novel the events are synchronized with great delicacy. The perception of brown people in the vicinity changed in a sudden after the event of 9/11, arousing the safety concern of William for his family. At the same time, in one routine business itinerary, William meets up with a taxi driver by the name of Fekadu, an Ethiopian by origin. The driver altered the perception of William by sharing the decisions and experiences of his life. The end of the novel, elegantly comprehends human tendency of prejudice that led William to wonder about the personality of Fekadu. However, the communication with the lad made him acknowledge his character. The driver was in fact an Oxford graduate and a Jet fighter Pilot in Ethiopia but his aspiration of better than the best made him leave his native life behind. This very element is the element of connection that depicts the dual dimensions of choices of either life. The confusion of Priorities; Nationality against racism, Ignorance against appreciation, Family pride against ambitions is very well depicted at this mode of the novel.
Hence, by the climax, the author has successfully depicted the choices aroused from cluttered, confused and disturbing bewilderment in a devastated emotional climate. The two characters teach each other the foundation of element that devise priorities and choices. In the end, the two parallel characters of the story realized the fact that the family is above everything.
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